Issuance of Electrical Permits

The Rutherford County Building Codes Department is an issuing agent for the Department of Commerce & Insurance for the state of TN. Therefore, we can issue state of TN electrical permits in our office. With that being said, we can also issue electrical permits for other jurisdictions participating in the State Electrical Program. If you are unsure if a property falls within the state program, please check here for a list of exempt jurisdictions. If a property is located in an exempt jurisdiction, please check with that jurisdiction's building codes department for further electrical permit instructions.

We can issue electrical permits to electricians licensed by the state of TN and/or property owners. If you wish to apply for an electrical permit, we ask that you submit a completed electrical application by visiting our office or emailing/faxing the application to us.

We issue the permits using the state's website. Because these are done electronically, we cannot accept cash. We do however, accept all major credit card companies and electronic checks. 

  • The application can be found here.