Planning Department

How do I draw a building permit?

  • Obtain copy of septic map/permit from TN Environmental (#1 Public Square South, #215).
  • Exceptions: Step System or those on City Sewer
  • Take this information to Planning & Engineering Dept. to obtain Certificate of Zoning Compliance (#1 Public Square South, #200).
  • Take all documentation provided by these departments to the Building Codes Dept. (#1 Public Square South, #101) to draw permit.

What structures require a Certificate of Zoning Compliance?

  • Residences on non-subdivision lots
  • Accessory buildings greater than 120 sq ft
  • Swimming pools
  • Agricultural structures (no fee) see description below

Do agricultural structures require building permits?

  • If the property is at least 5 acres in size and has an established agricultural use, any structures used exclusively for agricultural purposes are exempt from building permits and related fees. However, a Certificate of Zoning Compliance should be completed in the Planning & Engineering Dept. and provided to the Building Codes Dept.
  • Agricultural use is a use by right if the above conditions exist. It is not a zoning classification.

What is the purpose of a Certificate of Zoning Compliance?

  • Verifies ownership
  • Establishes or verifies correct address
  • Verifies zoning
  • Checks for flood issues
  • Establishes lot size, access and legality
  • Determines whether requested use complies with Zoning Resolution

What is the fee for a Certificate of Zoning Compliance?

  • Effective July 1, 2023 - For all new principal residential structures, additions and ADUs the fee is $250. For all detached accessory structures (e.g., garage, shed, pools, etc.) the fee is $150. This is subject to change with posted notice.
  • This fee is waived with proof of destruction by fire or natural disaster within a one year period.
  • This fee is also waived if the applicant has gone through a committee process before being approved for the Certificate of Zoning Compliance. (i.e. Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission)

Who can obtain a Certificate of Zoning Compliance?

  • Property owner
  • Contractor
  • Other representative(s) with a notarized letter of attorney in fact or power of attorney

What documentation is required to obtain a Certificate of Zoning Compliance?

  • Verification of ownership and legality of the lot. Normally available to staff via computer search. A recorded deed may be required in some instances.
  • A sketch plan of the property showing existing structures, septic system, and requested structures.
  • A copy of the septic system (obtained from Environmental Dept.)

Do fences require a building permit in the County?

  • No. Fences require no permit and may be placed on or inside your property line, but may not encroach on another property. They may not encroach into the County Right of Way. They may not block the vision triangle for exiting any property or intersecting streets. Fence guidelines are available through the Planning Department.