Administrative Review Applications and Checklists

Engineering Fees Application This application is for Construction Plan Review Fees, Land Disturbance/Grading for Subdivision Fees, Land Disturbance/Grading for Commercial Fees, Critical Lot Grading Plan Fees, As-Built Records/Lot Release Review Fees, Construction Inspection Fees.
Minor Home Based Business Application This application is for home based businesses that meet the qualifications for a minor home based business. This type of business is allowed by right in residential areas. Please consult with a staff planner to determine if your business will qualify.
Letter of Attorney-in-Fact This form should be submitted along with any rezoning, variance or conditional use application where the applicant is not the current landowner.
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) This application is for the establishment of a second residence on a parcel pursuant to certain conditions.
Fence Design Guidelines This form explains the zoning standards that apply to the erection of fences. Please bring the completed application to our office to be notarized and filed.
Sign Permit Application This application must be completed and approved prior to the installation of signs in the unincorporated limits of Rutherford County.
Rutherford County Bicycle Ride Information Sheet Any person or group who desires to conduct a ride containing at least 30 people is requested to complete this form.