Shows Aggression

You need obedience training and assistance. Remember: cats and dogs, like children, learn what they are taught. What caused the behavior?  Does someone in your home rough-house with the animal? Play tug-of-war? Yell at the animal? Yell at other people or act violent? Does a child poke, tease or torment the animal? Or do you basically ignore the animal unless you're scolding or punishing him? Try to think about how your animal learned aggressive behavior, and find out proper techniques for eradicating it. If your pet is playing rough, you must stop the play and walk away. Spend quality time playing with the pet with appropriate toys. Consider a trip to the vet.  But remember, this aggression did not appear overnight, so the solution will not fix the problem immediately.  You must give your friend time to relearn appropriate behavior. A medical problem can result in sudden behavior changes.