Unruly Behavior

In most cases, the problems are quite solvable if you make a little effort. An animal is like a child. Set no boundaries, ignore him, give her nothing to do, teach him nothing...the child will not be well-adjusted and will not learn to behave. It is up to you to teach your animal kindly and consistently what is expected of him or her. Take obedience classes (contact local adult education centers and recreation centers, ask neighbors). Read a book. Practice frequently, with kindness and consistency. Most animals know how to act, we humans need to be trained in how to interact with our animals. Do not leave your items where your animal can eat them - it isn't the cat's/dog's fault if he/she can't distinguish between the blanket you have let him chew on in his crate and your favorite clothing. Consistency is the key. Positive reinforcement works faster than negative reinforcement.