Issuance of a Permit

To issue a Building Permit for a residential swimming pool permit the Property Owner must sign a Swimming Pool Barrier and Alarm Agreement and have it notarized (can be completed at Building Codes Office when permit is issued if homeowner is obtaining the permit him/herself).  This form ensures that you, as the property owner, understand all the barrier design controls required prior to the Final Inspection.  In addition to the Building Permit fee which is charged based on the value of your pool, there is a fully refundable deposit of $100 due at the time of permit issuance.  This deposit will be fully refunded to the recipient upon completion of the Final Inspection within 6 months from the date of permit issuance.  This should not, however, be misinterpreted as having 6 months to call for your Final Inspection.  As mentioned above, the swimming pool cannot be used until all the Barrier requirements have been met and a Final Inspection has been completed and passed.  It is the responsibility of the Property Owner/permit holder to call for the Final Inspection.  If a Final Inspection is not requested and the 6-month time period expires, this does not relieve you of the requirements of the Barrier Agreement you signed.  If a Final Inspection is not requested, the permit will become null and void and the swimming pool will be deemed an illegal structure.