• Recycling is Valuable for Today and Tomorrow
    Recycling is important! It’s the simplest way to preserve the earth’s valuable natural resources; it also conserves energy and saves landfill space. Economically it’s a win because recycling saves money through the reduction of waste disposal fees, and it even creates jobs in Rutherford County. Most importantly, however, recycling helps to maintain the earth for future generations. Recycling is the right thing to do – both for today and tomorrow!
  • Make Recycling a Daily Habit
    Taking the time to recycle is easy. Simply designate one or more containers in your home or garage to collect recyclable items. Make frequent visits to the recycling or convenience centers, or contact a curbside recycling company to make the collection at your home. Also, try to recycle and pre-cycle at every opportunity. Remember that what you buy today produces garbage tomorrow. As a consumer look for items made with recycled materials, and with a minimum amount of packaging that can be recycled again. It’s called “closing the loop,” which means to reduce, reuse, or recycle.