Do I need a permit for a storage building?

Yes – if that storage building is one hundred and twenty square feet (120) or greater on 'blocks' or 'skids' or any size with a permanent foundation, a permit is required.  Even if the building is pre-built and purchased from a sales lot it still requires a building permit. In any event all accessory structures must meet the minimum setback from the property line and may not be placed in a drainage or utility easement. All accessory structures require a site plan showing all detached structures on the property, the location of septic tank and lines, house and property lines. It is recommended that you consult your subdivision covenants or deed restrictions, which may address the location and exterior finish of detached structures allowed within your particular subdivision. Rutherford County does not enforce subdivision covenants. These are private contracts agreed to by the owner of the property upon the purchase of the property.