RCJDC Investigation Policy

It is the policy of the department to refer all abuse allegations to the Tennessee State Department of Children's Services through the Abuse Hotline ( 1-877-237-0026 ). In the event a criminal investigation becomes necessary, this department will file a report with local law enforcement.

In the event allegations of abuse are levied, RCJDC has the responsibility to report said allegations to Children’s Protective Services (“CPS”) and to conduct an internal review utilizing all evidence and taking into account all components of the alleged incident to move forward the investigation. Additionally, if alleged allegations rise to the level of possible criminal activity, RCJDC will directly contact local law enforcement.

It is the responsibility of CPS to investigate said allegations and complete recommendations using information provided to them by us as well as their own internal metrics of investigation.

It is the responsibility of local law enforcement to conduct their own investigation into the allegations and execute and/or recommend actions going forward as has been determined by law.