Our History

The history of public health in Rutherford County began before it was housed in mortar and brick.  The first public health nurse in Rutherford County was hired by the Red Cross in 1921; there was no health department or hospital, and there were only twelve doctors in the county.

In 1924, the Commonwealth Fund of New York organized the Rutherford County Child Health Demonstration that culminated in the building of the first health department in 1930.

As Rutherford County grew, the health needs of its citizens grew.  In 1980, a new clinic building addition was added by Rutherford County to meet the needs of the growing community.  In 1992, a satellite clinic was opened in the Town of Smyrna.  And in 2002, the present facility at 100 West Burton Street opened its doors to serve the public.  Because of the partnership and support from the Christy-Houston Foundation, Rutherford County Government, Murfreesboro City Government, Town of Smyrna Government, City of La Vergne Government, and many others, we are able to better serve the public health needs of our citizens.