Juvenile Court

Welcome to the Rutherford County, Tennessee, Juvenile Court website.
The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over both civil and delinquency/unruly cases involving children. Whenever children are charged with violating criminal statutes, it is the duty of the Court to provide a simple judicial procedure which assures the juvenile a fair hearing and due process, while protecting the constitutional and legal rights of all parties. Additionally, we strive to accomplish the following goals: to provide for the wholesome moral, mental, and physical development of children; to substitute treatment, training, and rehabilitation for the consequences of criminal behavior by children; and to remove children from the custody of their parents only when absolutely necessary for the child's welfare or in the interest of public safety. We always seek to ensure that our community is safe, and that violent or dangerous juveniles are held in detention if no other, less-restrictive alternatives exist.

Our Court offers programs and services which provide troubled youths with the necessary skills they lack in order to be successful in life.  Many times, we are the last line of defense for a family that is desperate for a bridge to fill the gap between the child's delinquent behavior and the possibility of learning new and positive behaviors.  We seek to rehabilitate, not punish children.  The Court believes in the inherent goodness of every child and every child's need for parental guidance.  Our work begins and ends with the goal of keeping children out of State custody and preserving or restoring the family unit.

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