Juvenile Courts FAQ's

What types of cases does the Court hear?

Are there any cases involving children that the Court cannot hear?

How do I file for custody, visitation, or child support?

Which parent has legal custody of a child born out of wedlock before any Court hearings occur?

Can I talk to the Judge or Magistrate about my case?

What is the difference between a Judge and a Magistrate?

I disagree with the decision of the Judge or Magistrate. How can I file an appeal?

How do I find out when my Court date is?

Should I bring my child(ren) to Court?

Can I call the Clerk's Office to get information about my case?

Can I get a Court-appointed attorney for my case?

The Judge ordered me to do community service. Where can I do it?

The Judge ordered me to attend drivers' safety school. Where do I sign up?

The Judge ordered me to send my child support payments to the Central Child Support Receipting Unit. How do I do that?

I need a certified copy of my Court Order. Where can I get that?