Land Disturbance Information

Please note the State of TN requires permitting through Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) if more than one (1) acre, or more acres, and activities that result in the disturbance of less than one acre if it is part of a larger common plan of development or sale.

Any construction activity involving clearing, grading or excavation over one (1) acre requires a Rutherford County Land Disturbance Permit. The permit is issued for 18 months and can be extended if needed. Below is a permit fee breakdown for the Land Disturbance Permit.


 Agricultural Use

If the Rutherford County Planning and Engineering staff determine that the activity falls under an Agricultural Use, then there is no permit fee. A permit will be issued at no fee. For the conditions of Agricultural Use please see Section 4 of the Rutherford County Stormwater Ordinance.

For information regarding disturbances over an acre and digging a farm pond click here.

 New Fees for Land Disturbance

  • $600 per lot (subdivisions) Due at Pre Construction Meeting
  • $1,000 base fee plus $250/acre for site plans (commercial) Due at Pre Construction Meeting