Smart Steps to a Healthier You






Rutherford County Government promotes workplace wellness because we understand that access to healthcare is important to achieve the best quality of a healthy life for everyone. Smart Steps Wellness offers a variety of ongoing events for employees. Our mission, to promote a work environment that incorporates healthy lifestyles and enhances the quality of life for employees and families. Smart Steps utilizes a fun, interactive “hands on” approach to improve health and well-being through various health promotional activities throughout the community.

Wellness Incentive Points
Rutherford County Employees have the opportunity to earn a $300 annual medical premium credit for the 2023 plan year. (The reduction is based on your payroll deduction frequency.)

Here's How:
Accumulate points from October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023; the premium credit is reflected the following January 1 for those completing the program.

How do you earn points?
Simply earn 3 points per person (Employee & Spouse) enrolled in a Medical plan by completing any of the options below.

Options to earn points include: