Filing An OJI Claim

All injuries and/or illnesses, on the job, whether requiring medical attention or not, must be reported to the supervisor immediately or within the current working shift after such occurrence.  If the accident involves loss of consciousness, a fatality, broken bones, loss of a body part or third degree burns, the supervisor should be notified immediately. It is then the responsibility of the supervisor to immediately notify the Safety Coordinator.

 The following steps should be followed when injured

  • Supervisors and or the injured employee must call in notification of an OJI to the Insurance Department within one (1) working day from the date of occurrence.

  • Completed reports of injuries and/or illnesses and other documentation must be filed with the Insurance Department by the supervisor and or injured employee on all injuries, accidents and/or illnesses whether medical treatment is necessary or not, within two (2) working days from the date of the event. The Safety Coordinator or designee (OJI Representative) will complete and sign off on all reports of injuries, accidents and/or illnesses. 

  • Select an authorized physician from the Panel of Physicians listed on the claim report. Complete and sign the form. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

  • If you so desire, seek medical treatment from the physician you selected from the Panel of Physicians. Do not go to your primary care physician – it is not protocol and will not be paid for through the OJI Program.

  • ER visits are not protocol, unless there is a dire need (e.g. a broken bone, torn ligament or bleeding profusely). However, if a work related injury happens after hours during the week or the weekend, you are permitted to utilize the ER – provided your supervisor is aware of the injury.

  • Notify your supervisor of your condition and when the physician recommends you return to work.

  • To avoid out of pocket expenses, prescriptions must be filled at one of the authorized pharmacies.

  • If the physician recommends light or restricted duty and your supervisor can provide a job within your restrictions, you must report to work. Failure to report will terminate your OJI benefits.

  • The supervisor shall complete the Return to Work Agreement by listing the light duty jobs that fall within the employee’s restrictions. The supervisor shall also explain the restrictions to the employee and have the employee sign the agreement as acknowledgement of understanding the restrictions.

  • If there is no light duty available, you will be out of work and paid through the OJI Program.