Mission and Vision

Pretrial Services is oftentimes the first point of contact for individuals entering the criminal justice system. Our mission at Pretrial Services is to use the time between arrest and adjudication to serve clients in a meaningful and constructive manner.

Many individuals are struggling with circumstances that directly influence their behavior and choices. Rutherford County Pretrial Services believes early intervention and assistance can positively improve the lives of those on pretrial release as they await adjudication. We believe in a supportive services model that connects clients with life-changing resources, encourages recovery, and successfully guides them through the court process.

Rutherford County Pretrial Services operates on the presumption of innocence and is committed to treating each client as an individual. At Pretrial Services, we seek to identify the underlying facts and work in conjunction with other agencies, providers, and organizations to ensure client needs are effectively being met.

What is Pretrial Release?

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