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Alissa Phillips - Probation Director
Kelly Haley - Assistant Director
119 West College Street,
Murfreesboro TN, 37130





If you have been or will be placed on probation for a misdemeanor offense, please complete the following online intake form. Once you complete the initial intake form, you will need to print out the County Probation packet for your review. If or when the Judge has placed you on probation on your court date, you will receive your Probation Case Manager and your first reporting date. That information will be sent to the contact information provided on your initial intake. *** The Rutherford County Probation & Recovery Services does not have the authority to place you on probation or modify your sentence.


Online Intake Forms
Electronic Intake Form (English)


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Intake Form (English)
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Probation Packet

Print and keep this information with you, if you are unable to print, keep the link open so you can go back and review/print afterwards.

Probation Packet