Recording Policy & Fees


 October 2010

As required by Public Chapter 896, the Rutherford County Register of Deeds has implemented the following policies regarding documents submitted for recording accompanied by fees that are in excess of the required recording fees.

The Register’s Office will retain as fees of the office any overages in the amount of $10.00 or less per document.

When documents are submitted for recording accompanied by fees in excess of required amount by $10.00 or less, the Register’s Office will record the document and apply the overage to the office overage account. At the end of each month the Register will then turn all fees in the overage account to County Trustee.

 Refund Checks

The Register of Deeds Office will issue refund checks on documents that are in excess of $10. Refund checks will be issued at the end of each month after recording of documents. All refunds are to be presented for payment no longer than 60 days. After 60 days of receiving refund check, the check will be null and void.

Documents received for recording with a shortage of fees will be returned to entity the day of receiving documents.

The Rutherford County Register reserves the right to revise or amend the policy at any time.