Residential Building Permits

  • The Building Codes Department issues permits for the unincorporated Rutherford County only (area located outside of any city jurisdictions)  Click here to check your jurisdiction.
  • Permits are issued from 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.  – Monday through Friday – with the exception of major holidays


A Residential Building Permit may only be issued to the following:

  • an individual who possesses a State Contractors License, (the license valuation must cover the proposed project)
  • a State Home Remodeling License (for projects valued up to $25,000)
  • the property owner (provided that the owner lives, or plans to live, on the property) 

A building permit may not be issued to a property owner that does not currently live on the property or plans to construct, 'flip', or remodel the property for the purposes of resale or lease.  In these scenarios, a licensed contractor will be required to obtain the permit and oversee/complete the work.

Where it is approved to issue a building permit to the legal property owner, a Homeowner Affidavit will be required to be reviewed, signed by the property owner, notarized and recorded with the permit acknowledging their responsibilities as the 'contractor' for the project.

After application package is submitted, please allow 24-48 hours for review, after which you will receive a message or call to advise that your permit is ready to issue.

In some cases a Plans Review will be required, in those cases an additional 3-5 days should be expected for the review process, this is most commonly required under the following circumstances:

  • for homes exceeding 5,000SF of living area
  • structures of any kind with a below grade basement
  • structures constructed using unconventional building methods, e.g. 'barndominiums', 'container homes', where excessive glazing exists, etc.  If you have any questions regarding this requirement please call our office for clarification
  • a townhome development

This list should not be assumed to be all inclusive, for additional information on Plans Reviews, please click on tab on left side of this page entitled Plans Review.



Prior to permit application please click on the following tab that corresponds with your project to read more information on documentation required, checklists, etc. 


Single-Family Dwelling

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Addition to a Single-Family Dwelling