About Us

The Rutherford County Insurance & Risk Management department is multi-faceted and charged with the responsibility of serving our employees from a benefit perspective. At the same time, the department is also charged with overseeing the insurance coverage's for personal and property liability as well as potential casualty situations. The department administers employee benefits, oversees risk management, as well as the safety and on the job injury programs.

It is our objective to maintain and administer the broad benefit spectrum of employee benefits while also controlling plan costs. In addition, we offer several programs to encourage healthy lifestyles, to improve fitness and ultimately prolong and enhance the quality of life.

The goal of our Insurance & Risk Management program is to protect Rutherford County from unnecessary loss through the appropriate use of risk avoidance and transfer with cost-effective blends of insurance products.

The department strives to create a culture of safety in the workplace so that Rutherford County employees are secure and free from injury. We have a wide-spread safety & training programs to help ensure this environment. If an employee is injured, our department has the expertise to help the employee through the work injury claim and return to work process. We want employees to know their care and healing are imperative to us.