The Engineering Department performs engineering review services and counsel for the Rutherford County Regional Planning Commission, Building Codes and other county departments. The department reviews subdivision and site development plans submitted for approval by the planning commission for compliance with applicable regulations. The department inspects land disturbances over an acre and the entire subdivision development process. An emphasis is placed on storm water management provisions and adherence to articles of the national flood development projects for compliance with approved plans. To see if your property is in the flood zone, visit our county map. Rutherford County is required by the Federal and State regulations to monitor, investigate and control all aspects of the drainage systems including creeks and streams. The County's compliance is regulated by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit and requires annual reports to be submitted to the state.

TDEC issued a new NPDES Permit and we are working on submitting our NOI and Implementation Plan.  We will be loading up program documents in the near future to show how we will comply with the new permit.

Where to Find Us:
We are located in the Goldstein Building on the south side of the public square across from the Historic Courthouse. From the street you would enter the double set of doors to the right of the Election Commission. Walk to the back of the building where you will find both stairs and an elevator to take you to the second floor. Once there you will find signs directing you where to go.

Reporting Drainage/Flooding Issues:
If you have any drainage/flooding issues you may contact Ben Friend ([email protected]). For CRITICAL after hour flooding issues, such as flooding of county roads, please contact the non-emergency sheriff line.